Public Investments Solutions S.R.L.provides assistance in immigration and deals with issues related to adaptation in the country of
a second citizenship

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We determine the goal

We study and analyze our customers’ needs to provide real support in achieving their specific goals. We identify the perfect solution between what is legally possible and what our customer actually needs


We provide legal support

Being a certified representative of governmental programs, we act as a legal guarantor under conducting investment


We lead to the expected outcome

We offer the world ‘s best immigration programs for visa freedom and for ensuring an alternative place for living without any reference to the country of residence. We protect the confidentiality of information regarding our customers, by adhering to the Privacy Policy

Our customers are financially wealthy people with their families, who know how to plan and manage

their resources, property, and business.

Considering the personal interests of the investors, we offer the world’s best immigration programs for visa freedom and for ensuring an alternative place for living without any reference to the country of residence.

Medical area projects

Development and implementation of unique medical projects.

Health care is considered to be one of the most dynamic and fast-growing world industries. The demand for more advanced, better-quality and cost-effective medical services is based on everybody’s wish for life extension. You have a chance not just to become a part of it, but to ensure your family with longevity, as well.

Considering of the business environment and individual preferences of the customer, our team of specialist defines the most beneficial place for building a medical center in Bucharest. The finished facility will become a place for scientific researches. The well-thought-out strategy of recruitment of medical staff and purchase of state-of-the-art equipment allows for successful launch and development of the medical center. The project in the medical field will maintain the health and extend the youth for You and Your family.

Development and registration of a business

Development of individual business plans for various directions.

The attractiveness of European Union countries consists not only of the high living standard. The European market is one of the largest and most effective platforms for large business development, as well as free movement of capital in safe economic areas. You have the possibility to implement your ideas in a ready business project with guaranteed result.

In the globalized world, receiving economic citizenship requires innovative approaches, the implementation of which will revitalize the business environment. Efficient solutions provided by Public Investments Solutions S.R.L. experts allow using investments for implementation of innovative technologies and successful development of company on the international market. Detailed study and highest specification of business processes will ensure success.

Overview of investment programs for personal immigration

Use an investment solution from Public Investments Solutions S.R.L. to implement Your ideas and acquire second citizenship

Our lawyers speak only in English

Our lawyers speak only in English