Citizenship of Cyprus by investment

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investment program

Aiming to economic development the Government of Cyprus amended the current legislation in March 2014. Foreign investors were given the opportunity to process the passport of Cyprus (EU) by investment under the special governmental program.

The investor individually selects the direction of investment - purchase of real estate, business or government bonds worth from 2 million euros. It is also possible to combine several investment options. And there are no requirements for national language proficiency, knowledge of history and culture of the country or the obligation to reside in Cyprus before and after obtaining citizenship.

Cyprus investment program is the only state program that allows

receiving a European Union passport in a 6 months period.

The accelerated procedure of obtaining citizenship is designated for wealthy people, investors, and businessmen, who choose visa freedom.

New opportunities with the European
Union citizenship by investment

Why the passport of Cyprus attracts investors?

of borders

Holders of the passport of Romania cross the borders of 158 countries worldwide. A simplified entry is provided for trips to the USA, Canada, Australia.


Cyprus has the lowest income tax among all the European Union countries.

of the capital

Classified investments exclude the necessity for charitable donations of investor's personal funds.

Citizenship for
the whole family

Citizenship by investment is available for the investor, his spouse, children under the age of 28 years and parents.

No requirement for
physical residence

After acquiring Cypriot citizenship, the investor can stay in Cyprus or choose any other European country as a place for permanent residence.


Placed at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia the island is a strategic Europe's financial center.

Investments in Cyprus are a meaningful stride towards obtaining second citizenship of the European Union

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Possible types of investments

real estate

Amount of investments: 2 million euros

The core of the investment: Lifelong ownership of Cypriot residency at a cost of at least 1.5 million euros and investing 500,000 euros into real estate that can be sold within 3 years.

Existing or new registered business

Amount of investments: 2 million euros

The core of the investment: Purchase of existing or establishing a new company with an authorized capital of 2,000,000 euros and providing 5 jobs to Cypriot citizens.

Governmental bonds

Amount of investments: 2 million euros

The core of the investment: Purchase of securities, bonds, debt obligations valued at over 2,000,000 euros that can be sold within 3 years.

Combined investments

Amount of investments: 2 million euros

The core of the investment: Purchase of special government bonds in the amount of up to 500,000 euros and investing 1,500,000 euros in business and/or real estate.

Purchase of real estate is the most profitable option for investment in Cyprus.

Invested funds are protected by the governmental program and can bring income from leasing.

All real estate in Cyprus, except personal residence of at least 500,000 euros value, can be sold within 3 years, ensuring the return of funds.

Why contact us when choosing a property?

Advantageous offer from leading construction companies in Cyprus

Running close cooperation with the top real estate developers of Cyprus, we own up-to-date information about the most high-quality and reliable real estate objects. We will help you choose the best option for you and purchase it without commission.

Will inspect the object for you

We will select and offer several options of property according to your preferences, suggest what you should pay attention to and organize your visit to view the finished object or while construction.

Additional stable profit for your family

If you do not intend to permanently reside in Cyprus, you can secure a passive income from renting your real estate out. We will prepare accommodation, find tenants and take care of tax procedure.

Investments in Cyprus are a meaningful
stride towards obtaining second citizenship of the European Union

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Examples of investment objects

The program allows obtaining

citizenship for parents along with the investor.

In order to include a family member to the application, the overall cost of real estate must be increased by 500,000 euros

Get detailed information concerning parents’ immigration

Step-by-step procedure of citizenship by investment processing

an investment

Purchase of real estate property priced minimum 500,000 euros

Contribution of over 1.5 million euros into the chosen investment option

Acquiring passport of European Union

Obtaining resident cards (residence permits)

Get the full information about the program

  • Step-by-step procedure
  • Requirements for participants
  • List of documents
  • Answers to customer questions

an accelerated immigration plan

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Why investor benefits from cooperation with Public Investments Solutions S.R.L.?


We will draw up a personal immigration plan

Considering Your intentions and main goals, we will define the most profitable type of economic investment in Cyprus


We will provide full legal support

The best real estate agents, tax advisers, and experienced lawyers will work on processing Your citizenship


We guarantee obtaining passport of European Union

Within the period of 6 months from the investment, You become a citizen of the European Union

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Public Investments Solutions S.R.L.

guarantees obtaining passport of Cyprus under the governmental program.

Certified agents will define a clear strategy of investment and process citizenship in 6 months period

Obtain the
European Union citizenship
by investments
in Cyprus

Our lawyers speak only in English

Our lawyers speak only in English