Obtaining EU
passport through Romanian citizenship

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Government program for
Romanian passport acquisition

The right to obtain Romanian citizenship is indicated in the article 11 of the Law No. 21/1991 "On Citizenship". Citizenship acquisition process is carried out according to the procedure established by law.

Romanian passport is the fastest way to get

the benefits of European citizenship

Obtaining Romanian citizenship under the government repatriation program provides the applicant with full rights available to every citizen of the European Union. With a Romanian passport, additional prospects for settling down in Europe open up.

New opportunities with an EU passport

Why the government program for obtaining a Romanian passport is the best solution for immigration

Visa freedom
for travel

Foreign passport of a Romanian citizen provides visa-free access for traveling to more than 150 countries of the world, including all countries of the European Union and Canada. View detailed list of countries

European citizenship
for the whole family

Program allows simultaneous citizenship acquisition for the applicant and his minor children. Obtaining citizenship for a spouse is possible for an additional fee.

Broad business

Romanian passport significantly simplifies procedure for registering a European company and provides government support for business development in the international market.

in Europe

Children of Romanian citizens can study in the best educational institutions in Europe, including Switzerland and the United Kingdom, with possibility of internships in leading companies of the world.

Residence place determination in the EU

After receiving Romanian passport by repatriation, a new Romanian citizen will be able to choose any European country to move to and permanently reside in.

Bank account

Romanian citizen status allows you to conduct transactional and business operations in any banks of the European Union, ensuring security of financial assets.

Enjoy all the benefits of European citizenship with
a romanian passport

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Step-by-step procedure for obtaining a Romanian passport and EU citizenship

Process of obtaining European citizenship under the state Romanian program takes 8-12 months. All necessary documents confirming the right to obtain citizenship are checked by the authorized government body of Romania - the Ministry of Justice. The state agent provides information support and personal support to the applicant, monitors case status and sends appropriate requests to speed up citizenship issuance.

Public Investments Solutions S.R.L. government agent for the implementation

of Romanian repatriation program.

Procedure for obtaining EU citizenship through obtaining a Romanian passport exceeds the standard naturalization process by a factor of 10.

How to get a Romanian passport

Preparing grounds for
citizenship acquisition.

Applying for
a Romanian visa.

Submitting documents. Waiting for the order to be released.

Obtaining a passport of
the European Union citizen.

Obtaining a Certificate
of Romanian citizenship.

Romania - is a rapidly developing European country

Economic breakthrough of 2017 allowed Romania to take a leading position among the EU countries and marked country's transition to a completely new level of development.

Our lawyers speak only in English

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We guarantee EU
passport acquisition

Strict compliance with legal requirements ensures a positive result for our clients.

Undergo the procedure of obtaining a Romanian passport with the help of state agents

Authorized company Public Investments Solutions S. R. L. guarantees citizenship acquisition of the European Union.

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Get EU passport without major
financial investments

Our lawyers speak only in English

Our lawyers speak only in English