Obtaining EU passport through acquisition of Romanian citizenship

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Government program for
Romanian citizenship acquisition

Obtaining Romanian citizenship by repatriation implies an accelerated application processing period, retaining current citizenship, no requirements for prior residence and knowledge of the state language. A simplified Romanian passport is issued to individuals who have confirmed their territorial affiliation in accordance with the current Romanian legislation.

Romania - practical solution for fast-track
EU passport issuance

Government of the country has a loyal immigration policy, allowing applicants to become citizens of the European Union in a short period of time through obtaining Romanian citizenship.

New opportunities with an EU passport

Why Romanian state program is popular among those who want to obtain EU citizenship

place of residence

Romanian passport grants its holder the right to reside and conduct business in any country of the European Union.


150 countries of the world allow visa-free entry for Romanian citizens.View detailed list of countries

EU passports for
the whole family

Obtaining EU citizenship is also available for a spouse and minor children.


Having Romanian citizenship exempts you from paying taxes on income, gifts, property, and inheritance.

Secure future
for children

Children of Romanian citizens have the right to receive education in the best educational institutions of the European Union and Switzerland.

of financial assets

Romanian passport allows you to open accounts in any European banks to ensure security of your own capital.

Become a citizen of the European Union with support of state agent Public Investments Solutions S.R.L.

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Get Romanian citizenship - full-fledged EU citizenship status

Obtaining Romanian Citizenship Program cost: CALCULATED

Certified agents of Public
Investments Solutions S.R.L. carry out
comprehensive work on the preparation
and submission of documentary evidence
of your ancestor’s territorial belonging to
Romania in accordance with requirements
of article 11 of the law "On Citizenship". Romanian
citizenship obtaining procedure is carried out
through the Romanian government authorized bodies.

Step-by-step procedure for obtaining citizenship by repatriation program

Grounds confirmation for obtaining Romanian citizenship.

Booking an appointment date and submitting Romanian visa application.

Dossier submission to the Ministry of Justice together with a lawyer.

Arriving to the Ministry of Justice for obtaining a Certificate of Citizenship.

Tracking the case status by individual number and waiting for the order release.

Acquiring EU citizenship

under a simplified procedure

Romanian government repatriation program allows you to become citizen of the European Union while retaining current passport.

Why Public Investments Solutions S.R.L.
immigration solutions are effective


We take into account goals and objectives of each client

We prepare an individual immigration plan based on the intended tasks and needs of the applicant


We are successfully implementing government programs for obtaining second citizenship

Strict implementation of immigration laws and long-term practice ensure a positive result for our clients


We prepare internal European documents for the whole family

After acquiring citizenship, our lawyers ensure obtaining a Romanian passport for each new EU citizen

Get your EU passport Provide security for your family!

Our lawyers speak only in English

What will you get from cooperating with
Public Investments Solutions S.R.L.


Personal immigration

To achieve your planned goals, we select the most effective immigration strategy. You and your family will obtain new opportunities, including visa-free travel to 150 countries around the world.


Full legal

An experienced team of lawyers will carry out the process of obtaining EU citizenship for you. Each stage of restoring Romanian citizenship you will be passing with support of international law lawyers.



Due to our lawyers ' compliance with all applicable requirements of the Romanian legislation, you and your family members will obtain EU citizenship under a simplified procedure.

Get comprehensive support from Public Investments Solutions S.R.L.

Official representative of the government program will provide a full service throughout the EU citizenship process.

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Our lawyers speak only in English

Our lawyers speak only in English