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Govermental Immigration Program

Procedure for obtaining a second EU passport is regulated by the immigration policy of each European state. The best country for those wishing to obtain citizen status of the European Union is Romania, which offers a governmental program for expedited passport issuance. Second citizenship of Romania is issued during 8-12 months with the possibility of retaining current passport and without the need for prior obtaining permanent residence in the country.

Passing the procedure
with a government agent is a guarantee for obtaining EU passport

Public Investments Solutions S. R. L. is an authorized representative of the government programs for obtaining citizenship of the EU countries.

Why is the EU passport so beneficial?

European citizenship
for the whole family

Obtaining EU citizenship is possible for the investor's spouse and is free of charge for minor children.

border crossing

EU citizens can enter more than 150 countries of the world, including Australia and Canada, visa free.View the detailed list of countries


EU passport allows to reduce cost of paying taxes, duties, fees and other statutory payments.

Safe living

As a citizen, you have the right to choose any EU country as a new place of permanent residence.

Decent education
for children

Second Citizenship of EU allows to enroll to the best European universities.


European citizenship provides opportunity to use services of the best banks worldwide to withdraw, transfer, and store capital.

Alternative option of acquiring European Union citizenship

Obtain approval
for participation
in the governmental
immigration program.

Submit required documents to the Ministry of Justice on the appointed date.

Submit necessary documents for obtaining passport to the authorized body of selected country.

Take the oath and receive a certificate of European citizenship.

Get significant benefits of a second EU passport

Our lawyers speak only in English

New opportunities with passport of the European Union

Why investors collaborate with
Public Investments Solutions S.R.L. only?


We offer an

We develop an effective immigration plan to meet your goals and objectives. A new life without borders and freedom of movement in 150 countries of the world will be granted to the whole family.


We provide
full legal

A strong team of lawyers, tax advisers and real estate agents from all around the world, with the diplomatic support from European officials, will implement an investment citizenship program for you.


We ensure
a positive

Long-term successful implementation of government programs for issuing a second passport allows our clients to quickly become citizens of the European Union under a simplified procedure.

Public Investments Solutions S.R.L. - comprehensive support in obtaining EU passport

Government agents implement individual immigration program during 8-12 months and provide an impeccable service and support

Our lawyers speak only in English

Our lawyers speak only in English