Obtaining EU
passport through
Slovenian citizenship

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State program for obtaining a Slovenian passport

Citizens of different countries have an opportunity to become Slovenian citizens under a simplified repatriation procedure. At the legislative level, process of Slovenian passport acquisition under the state program is regulated by article 12 of the Citizenship Law. For citizenship and passport acquisition of Slovenia it is necessary to confirm ethnic origin affiliation with this country.

Obtaining a Slovenian passport
is an accelerated option for immigration

to the European Union

By acquiring Slovenian citizenship, applicant obtains new rights and opportunities to settle down in economically developed countries of the world. Slovenian passport makes its holder a full-fledged citizen of the European Union.

New opportunities with an EU passport

Why is the Slovenian passport program attractive for immigrants?


With a Slovenian passport, more than 175 countries of the world are available for visa-free entry. View the detailed list of countries

Favorable business

Slovenian citizens have favorable conditions for registering company in Europe.

Settling down
in Europe

Slovenian passport holders can legally live in any country of the European Union.

Education for
the family

Children of EU citizens study at European universities at a minimum cost.


With Slovenian passport, in addition to opening accounts in EU banks favorable loan conditions become available.

Citizenship acquisition
for the family

Minor children can become Slovenian citizens together with the main applicant.

Take care of your
family’s welfare with a slovenian passport

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Step-by-step procedure for obtaining a Slovenian passport and EU citizenship

Obtaining EU citizenship under the state Slovenian program takes 3–8 months. Verification of documents, required for the accelerated passport issuance, is carried out by the administrative unit of Ljubljana (Upravna Enota). A certified agent provides applicant with legal support, consultancy, and assistance in the preparation of internal Slovenian documents.

Public Investments Solutions S.R.L.
is a certified agent of Slovenian

repatriation program

Acquiring EU citizenship through obtaining a Slovenian passport significantly saves applicant's time by granting citizenship status in 3-8 months instead of 10 years.

How to obtain a Slovenian passport

Preparing documentary
confirmation of ethnicity origin.

Documents submission by
a lawyer through the
power of attorney.

Visa opening for the
applicant to cross
Slovenian border.

Obtaining internal
Slovenian documents.

Obtaining Slovenian
citizenship certificate.

Visit to the authorized
state body of Ljubljana.

Slovenia is a developed and safe country in the EU

Economic well-being, a favorable environmental situation, a well-thought-out social security system, and a low crime rate make Slovenia a popular immigration destination.

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Our lawyers speak only in English

Our lawyers speak only in English