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Most of the countries of the world offer residence permits to investors and wealthy people, but just in a few a provision was made for obtaining citizenship by investments without mandatory residence

Strategic advice, development, and
implementation of the investment
program is a guaranteed
way to obtain

the second passport – European Union passport

Being a governmental authorized agent,
Public Investments Solutions S.R.L. company, according
to legislation, provides investors with the best possible result
in as short time as possible


Austria Romania Cyprus Malta
Austria Romania Cyprus Malta
Result of work Citizenship Citizenship Citizenship Citizenship
Type of program Investments in business Investments in real estate, medicine Investments in real estate, business, governmental bonds Investments in real estate, government bonds, Development Fund
Main investments Investment in country development - 10 million euros Investment in country development: 160,000 euros Investment in real estate or government bonds - 2 million euros;

Purchase of residential real estate property for permanent ownership - 500,000 euros;
Purchase of real estate in Malta: 350,000 euros;

Purchase of government bonds - 150,000 euros;

Contribution to special Malta Development Fund - 650,000 euros - main applicant
Additional expenses Fees when investing 500,000 euros - Passing the Due Diligence procedure: 7,000 euros for each applicant (minor child – 80 euros) Passing Due Diligence procedure:

7,500 euros - main applicant

5,000 euros - spouse, children aged 18-26 years, parents aged 55+

3,000 euros: minor children (aged 13+ )

Obtaining biometrical passports: 500 euros for each applicant;

Bank charges and fees: 200 euros

Administrative and legal fees:

50,000 euros — main applicant

10,000 euros — spouse

5,000 euros — children aged 0 - 26 and parents aged 55+
Return on investments Irrevocable 2.5 million euros, the remaining - after 5 years Irrevocable 100,000 euros, the remaining - after 1 year Irrevocable 500,000 euros, the remaining - after 3 years Irrevocable 650,000 euros, the remaining - after 5 years
Immigration for family Spouse, children under 18 years of age Spouse, children under 18 years of age, parents of the investor under 65 years of age Spouse, children under 28 years of age, parents of the investor Spouse, children under 26 years, parents aged 55+
Terms for obtaining the document 2.5 years 1.5 years 6 months 14 months
Requirement for physical residency (actual stay) No No No 12 months before submitting the application
Recognition of dual citizenship by the State Yes Yes Yes Yes
Visa limitations Schengen States, USA - without limitations Schengen States - without limitations
USA - visa for 10 years
Schengen States - without limitations
USA – visa for 10 years
Schengen States, USA – without limitations
Amount of investment over 10 million euros over 160,000 euros over 2 million euros over 880,000 euros
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Wealthy people can afford

Citizenship of several countries

Obtaining the second citizenship increases personal freedom, confidentiality, and security

Overview of investment programs for personal immigration