European Union citizenship
through obtaining
a Hungarian passport

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State program for obtaining
a Hungarian passport

Simplified assignment of Hungarian citizenship is regulated by the Citizenship Act of 20 August 2010. Citizen of any country, who meets immigration requirements, can apply for a Hungarian passport. Hungarian citizenship acquisition is carried out within the officially established state procedure.

Hungarian passport
access to all

EU citizen rights

Hungarian passport gives its owner special advantages that allow to settle down in Europe successfully.

New opportunities with an EU passport

Why the Hungarian state passport program is the best immigration solution

of movement

With a Hungarian passport, borders of more than 180 countries of the world are open for visa-free entry.

Settling down
in Europe

Hungarian citizens are granted the right to live and work in the EU.


Hungarian government offers flexible tax paying system.


With a Hungarian passport you can register a company and open bank accounts in the EU.


Children of Hungarian citizens have the right to study at any university in the European Union.

health care

Hungarian passport holders can receive medical services throughout the EU.

Settle down in
European countries with a HUNGARIAN

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Step-by-step procedure for obtaining a Hungarian passport and EU citizenship

EU citizenship acquisition under the Hungarian repatriation procedure is carried out in 7-8 months. Documents package for obtaining citizenship under a simplified procedure is verified by authorized state body - Hungarian Immigration and Asylum Office. Applicant receives consulting and legal support in the process of obtaining Hungarian passport from a licensed agent.

Public Investments Solutions S.R.L.
is an official agent

for the Hungarian state program implementation

Opposed to the standard naturalization process, obtaining Hungarian citizenship under the repatriation program is 10 times faster.

How to obtain a Hungarian passport

Collecting documents
for confirmation
of Hungarian origin.

Preparing a power
of attorney for a lawyer
to apply for citizenship.

Submitting documents
to the Hungarian Immigration
and Asylum Office.

Obtaining a Hungarian passport and other internal European documents.

Opening a visa to enter
the country and obtain a Citizenship Certificate.

is a European country of
business opportunities

Favorable tax system and a high solvency ratio of the population create comfortable conditions for business development in the country.

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an effective

We offer a personal action plan to achieve your immigration goals.


at every stage

Competent and experienced lawyers provide assistance and full support during the process.


We guarantee
a successful result

We ensure EU passport acquisition in accordance with legal requirements and established procedure.

Use the guaranteed
option to become
an EU citizen

Licensed agents of Public Investments Solutions S.R.L. help clients to get European citizenship faster.

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Make a profitable
economic investment and obtain
an additional passport

Our lawyers speak only in English

Our lawyers speak only in English