Citizenship of Austria by investments

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investment program

Article 10(6) of the current Citizenship Law provides for the possibility of acquiring passport of Austria by investment.
Considerable investments in the Austrian economy contribute to granting citizenship on an exceptional basis.

The investment is possible in an existing business or establishment of new companies capable of providing 5 jobs or increase exports sales. Purchasing government bonds or property are passive investment and do not provide the right of participation in the program. After capital investment, the applicant receives a residence permit in Austria for the whole family. And there are no requirements for national language proficiency, knowledge of history and culture of the country or the obligation to reside in Austria before and after obtaining citizenship.

With obtaining passports of Austria under investment program,

all family members of an applicant become full-fledged EU citizens.

The status is valid for a lifetime and is automatically transferred to the applicant’s successors. Owning an Austrian passport allows living in Switzerland, which gives an opportunity to significantly optimize taxation

New opportunities with the European
Union citizenship by investment

Why investors choose Austrian passport?

Visa free

Austrian passport allows traveling visa free to 168 countries of the world and provides simplified entry to USA, Canada, and Australia.

Absence of
tax obligations

Taxation is applied only to those citizens who have chosen Austria as their main residence country.

Better education
for children

Austrian citizenship gives the right to study in any country of EU and Switzerland.

EU passports
for family

Citizenship of Austria by investment is available for the investor, his spouse, and children under the age of 18 years.


Stable economy and state support of entrepreneurs in Austria tribute to business development.

of capital

Holders of the passport of Austria have access to Swiss and other European banks, for safe-keeping and outflows of financial means.

the investment
to obtain
of Austria

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Located in the center of Europe
Austria is a perfect place

for those who wish to start business in European Union.

Highly developed infrastructure, strong economic and
politic ties contribute to personal business development,
providing benefits to entrepreneurs.

Step by step procedure for obtaining citizenship for investments

Establishment of new company or purchasing shares of the existing business

Investing an amount over 10 million euros in the share capital

The introduction of new technologies and creation of 5 jobs for nationals

Acquiring passport of the European Union

Obtaining resident cards (residence permits)

Get the full information about the program

  • Step-by-step procedure
  • Requirements for participants
  • List of documents
  • Answers to customer questions

new business
opportunities with acquiring
citizenship of Austria
by investments

Our lawyers speak only in English

Why investor benefits from cooperation with Public Investments Solutions S.R.L.?


We will determine an area for investment

Having the latest information on Austrian business environment, we will offer you the most advantageous organizational-legal form for doing business.


We will ensure legal support

Tax advisers and competent lawyers will take care of compliance of the investment process with the requirements of the governmental program.


We will enhance development of business

Business-plan on creating new jobs and implementation of new technologies developed by us can accelerate your acquisition of the citizenship of Austria.

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Public Investments Solutions S.R.L.

will provide comprehensive support in obtaining citizenship of Austria under the governmental program

Certified agents will define a clear strategy of investment and process citizenship in 12 months period

Obtain the
European Union citizenship by investments in Austria

Our lawyers speak only in English

Our lawyers speak only in English