European Union
citizenship by obtaining
Slovak citizenship

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State program for acquiring
Slovak citizenship

Citizens of different countries can apply for Slovak citizenship under a simplified procedure. Under the program terms, applicants are exempt from long term residence requirement and can retain their current passport. Simplified process for obtaining Slovak citizenship is available to anyone who confirms their origin in accordance with the Slovak law.

Slovak citizenship —
is an affordable way to legally

settle down in Europe

Upon obtaining a Slovak passport, applicant automatically becomes a citizen of the European Union in accordance with provisions of the Maastricht Treaty, acquiring significant rights to settle in European countries.

New opportunities with an EU passport

Why the state program of Slovakia is an interesting option for those who want to get EU citizenship

of travel

Visa-free entry to more than 180 countries is open for Slovak citizens. View the detailed list of countries

New place
of residence

Children of Slovak citizens can study in European universities at a reduced cost.

Safety for
the whole family

Close relatives can become citizens of the European Union together with the applicant.


Slovak passport holders study at national educational institutions free of charge.


Flexible tax system provides favorable conditions for Slovak entrepreneurs.

real estate

Cost of residential properties in Slovakia is one of the lowest among European countries.

Implement your
goals with the help
of state agents Public Investments
Solutions S.R.L.

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Slovak citizenship grants citizen status of the European Union

ACQUISITION program cost: calculated

Licensed agents of Public
Investments Solutions S.R.L. carry
out legal work on preparation of
appropriate documents to confirm your
ancestor’s affiliation with Slovakia in
accordance with paragraph 7 of the Citizenship
Law. Citizenship is issued by the Slovak state
authorized body.

Step-by-step procedure for obtaining Slovak citizenship under the repatriation program

of documentary evidence
of ethnic origin.

Registration of a lawyer's
power of attorney
for citizenship application.

Registration of documents
in the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs in Slovakia.

Obtaining Slovak
citizenship certificate.

Opening of
a Schengen visa to
enter the Slovak territory.

A simplified procedure

of acquiring EU citizenship

Obtaining a European passport under the Slovak state repatriation program provides for a quick processing time.

Why Public Investments Solutions S.R.L. immigration practices are effective


Personal approach to each client

We determine applicant's main goal and select individual immigration strategy.


We provide support in the process of citizenship registration

A team of professionals with many years of experience is working on the state program implementation.


We assist in obtaining internal European documents

Our lawyers assist new Slovak citizens in receiving passports and other internal documents.

Get EU citizenship and PROVIDE
for your FAMILY

Our lawyers speak only in English

How does cooperation with Public Investments Solutions S.R.L. benefit you?



Personalized immigration strategy will help in achieving your main goal. You can cross borders of more than 180 countries of the world without a visa.



The entire process of obtaining a second EU citizenship is organized by experienced specialists. At each stage, you will be accompanied by international lawyers.



Our lawyer's compliance with the current requirements of Slovak legislation ensures applicant's acquisition of the European Union citizenship.

Get full support from Public Investments Solutions S.R.L.

Licensed agent will help you to become a citizen of the European Union.

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Our lawyers speak only in English

Our lawyers speak only in English

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Our lawyers speak only in English