European Union
passport by
obtaining Bulgarian citizenship

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State program for
obtaining a Bulgarian passport

Bulgarian citizenship under the repatriation program provides for accelerated documents processing and opportunity to retain current passport valid. There is also no need for passing a language proficiency exam and pre-staying in the country. Bulgarian citizenship acquisition on simplified terms requires ethnicity confirmation in accordance with immigration legislation of Bulgaria.

Bulgarian passport
is the fastest way to get

the benefits of European status

Having a Bulgarian passport automatically makes you a citizen of the European Union. According to the Maastricht Treaty, citizenship acquisition of one of the EU member states gives applicant status of the European Union citizen.

New opportunities with an EU passport

Why the state program of Bulgaria is in demand among those who want to apply for EU citizenship


Bulgarian citizens cross borders of more than 160 countries freely. View the detailed list of countries

Safe place
of residence

With a Bulgarian passport, you can stay in any EU country without additional permits.


Bulgaria has the lowest tax rates in the EU, providing citizens with a favorable environment for business development.

for children

Bulgarian citizens and their children can study at any European university.

Right to purchase
real estate

Bulgarian passport holders can purchase any type of property in the EU, including land.


Bulgarian passport provides access to European banking services for capital storage.

Get all the rights of
an EU citizen
with assistance of certified agents - Public Investments Solutions S.R.L.

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Get Bulgarian citizenship — full-fledged citizenship of the European Union

Obtaining Bulgarian Citizenship Program cost: CALCULATED

Licensed agents of Public
Investments Solutions S.R.L.
carry out a number of legal actions
to prepare and organize submission
of your ancestor's ethnicity documentary
evidence in accordance with Article 15 of
the Citizenship Law. Decision on granting
citizenship is made by the President
of the Republic of Bulgaria

Step-by-step procedure for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship under the repatriation program

Documentary proof of ethnic affiliation to Bulgaria.

Documents submission and visa opening to enter Bulgaria.

Meeting with a lawyer for documents legalization and submission to the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad.

Release of the Presidential Decree on the assignment of Bulgarian citizenship.

Documents submission to Ministry of Justice and interview with an authorized representative.

Obtaining Bulgarian origin certificate.

Expedited option for obtaining

the European Union citizenship

According to the Bulgarian law, process of obtaining citizenship under the repatriation program allows applicants to obtain an EU passport in relatively short terms.

Why Public Investments Solutions S.R.L.
immigration practices are effective


We define client's goals and needs

We draw up a personal immigration plan taking into account applicant's intentions and wishes.


We organize the process of obtaining a second citizenship

By complying with the requirements of immigration law, we help our clients become EU citizens.


We assist in obtaining internal European documents

We help to register a Bulgarian passport for every new EU citizen.

Become a citizen of
the European Union — ensure your personal and financial security

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To achieve your goals, we create an effective immigration plan, the implementation of which will open up new prospects and opportunities. Visa-free travel is one of the key advantages.


legal support

Lawyers with many years of practice are working on implementation of the process for obtaining a second citizenship. Each step of the process is guided by international experts.



Having information about current requirements of Bulgarian legislation and adhering to the procedure established by the state, lawyers will quickly help you to obtain EU citizenship.

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Comprehensive support provided by a certified agency for obtaining the European Union passport

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Our lawyers speak only in English

Our lawyers speak only in English

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Our lawyers speak only in English